Architectural design in all scales and uses, depending on the requirements. New buildings, existing building tranformation, interior redesign and renovation, space management.

Our practice and collaborators can deal with all technical design studies according to projects’ needs. Construction studies, electromechanical studies, energy efficiency studies, implementation studies, project budgeting, construction documents.

Supervision of construction in order to ensure the accurate implementation of the design, the quality of construction and the technical specifications.

Project management from concept to implementation, in order to guarantee the best technical and economic completion of the project according to its timetable and budget.

We provide consulting services on real estate investements, feasibility studies, real estate and portfolio valuations.

design approach

design generators




we focus on the site and the existing situation, on the special caracteristics of the specific topos.



design approach– methological tools

human-centered design

Our design focuses on humans/end-users of the space. Every project serves the specific needs and requirements of the end-users in the optimum way. Desires are translated into space.

collaborative design

Architectural design creates space for humans to live it and use it, it is created for them, to meet their needs and cater to their well-being.
Those who live and use the space are actually the experts when it comes to what they need and want from it. We work together during the design procedure. The result is a collaborative outcome.


we focus on space management optimization and energy and resources efficiency.

deep analysisresearch

Our basic methological approach is the deep analysis and synthetical research on data, given facts, specifications and goals of each project. We study and focus on specific requirements and site characteristics.

guaranteed results

from concept stage to implementation

We provide high quality architectural design services from concept to implementation with guaranteed results.

Our design is human-centered.
The main goal of the design is to best serve the particularities and special needs and requirements of the end-user. Spaces reflect the values, culture, mentality of the client / end-user and focus on their well-being.

The design outcome is multifuncional spaces, flexible, with the best possible comfort conditions, with aesthetics that represent the client’s profile and space management efficiency. We add value to space via new dynamics and dimensions. We value positive characteristics and turn weaknesses into advantages.

Economical approach of the construction is a key feature. Design and spatial qualities do not depend on high construction costs.

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