Real Estate 4.0. The transformation of an Industry.

It has been a very interesting conference held by ULI Greece & Cyprus.

Innovative case studies were presented starting from the city of Tel Aviv and its fresh spirit approach that makes the city attractive to talents and startups increasing the dynamics of the city and implementing a strategic vision for growth .

Insights and ideas were presented on discussion panels referring to case studies from the Sharing economy, the Experience economy and the Innovation economy.

The Sharing economy panel focused on co-working concepts and flexible offices concepts and applications.

The Experience economy panel focused on hotel concepts that offer special experiences.

The Innovation economy panel focused on business concepts that use technology innovation and AI tools to foster business productivity and effectiveness.

Real Estate development opportunities exist in concepts that dare to invest on special human experiences, using innovative strategies and digital technology. We just have to be open-minded to identify them. Architectural design can transform real estate properties and create added value using daring experience and human-centered concepts.

Very well organized event with premium speakers and attendants.

The power of exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge.