Introducing green in the workplace

Who needs evidence, surveys or numbers to realize the positive impact that the presence of natural green may have in our everyday life.

There are plenty of surveys that connect the biophilic design approach in workplace design to positive outcomes like increase of productivity, employee’s well-being, decrease of absenteeism, employees’ engagement and the attraction of talents.

Experience speaks by itself.

In our office we recently added some trees and plants in our veranda on the 8th floor. Both the view and our everyday life changed radically. We have natural shadows, we experience the constant moving of the leaves, the growing up of the plants, the life that they bring around them. Their presence is so comforting, relaxing and inspiring.

It is a simple gesture and it can change our workplaces.

We make special effort in our projects to connect to natural elements, outdoor environments, greenery according to the location, the characteristics and the context.

Visit our workplace projects to find out.